$200.00 USD

Single Coaching Session

Individual Coaching Session

Book a transformative single coaching session  and experience tailored support—whether it's to brainstorm, set a new direction, or heal a block, I'm here to foster your breakthrough in just one session.

What People Are Saying:

Working with Tracy has helped me to align myself with my business and continually increase my revenue. She helped me clear so many blocks in myself and my business and get very clear on what I want to offer and how much I want to receive for these services. The consistent appointments helped me to feel supported and able to keep building. Tracy is no ordinary accountability coach. My business and life have transformed from working with her. She covered every area of my life. She understands behaviour and blocks as a depth that is astonishing. She knows where to look to heal and clearing hem and bring instant change. I love working with her and still check in every now and then to make sure things stay clear, flowing and growing.