$10,000.00 USD

Total Transformation

Dive into an exclusive, high-end journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our bespoke 1:1 business coaching program. Tailored to the discerning individual, this package offers personalised, deep healing and transformative growth. Experience the unique blend of accountability, inspiration, and focused guidance in each session, designed to propel you toward your highest potential.

Uncover and heal generational patterns through ancestral healing and family constellations, bringing profound understanding and liberation. Elevate your nightly routine with custom subconscious audios, crafted to align your dreams with your goals.

Embrace the wisdom of Horse Wisdom readings for guidance, offering clarity and direction on your path.  Benefit from the luxury of full messenger support, ensuring real-time help and a constant connection to guidance whenever needed.

Throughout the six-month journey, immerse yourself in energy healing sessions and be open to spontaneous psychic downloads that come through me, for you.

This high-end offering is more than a program—it's a transformative expedition, meticulously crafted for those ready to invest deeply in their business, personal and spiritual growth.