Transformation Coaching

Empower Your Financial Future with Personalised 1:1 Coaching


It all begins with a deep desire to make big change in your life. If you know that you are here for more in every area of your life, then we are aligned.

In the digital expanse where convenience meets comfort, your journey to financial empowerment unfolds. Welcome to a dedicated space for growth, reflection, and profound transformation—all within reach from the comfort of your own space. Discover the power of personalised 1:1 coaching sessions with me, conducted exclusively online through video calls, designed to align with your life’s rhythm and your business’s pulse.

Understanding Your Challenges: I'm sure you're no stranger to the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. You've felt the unease of inconsistent revenue streams and the frustration of unseen barriers that hold you back from the financial freedom you so deeply desire. Your business is more than a venture; it's a reflection of your passion and potential, yet money blocks cast a shadow over your success.

Exclusive 1:1 Coaching: In our 1:1 coaching sessions, we'll carve out a sanctuary for you to voice your deepest financial concerns and confront the invisible thresholds that limit your growth. These sessions are a safe haven for discovery and healing, where you'll gain not just strategies but also a transformative mindset that turns financial understanding into a wellspring of abundance.

My Approach: Our work together is more than just a conversation; it's a tailored, supportive journey through the layers of your financial narrative. Using a blend of holistic counselling, strategic life coaching, and the profound insights of family constellations and psychic gifts, we'll navigate the intricacies of your money story. You'll learn how to rewrite it with confidence, armed with tools and insights that resonate with the core of who you are and who you aspire to become.

The Online Experience: Every session is a step closer to the life and business you envision. With the flexibility and intimacy of online video calls, we'll dive into your unique challenges without the constraints of physical distance. This exclusive, one-on-one setting ensures that our time together is focused, private, and deeply attuned to your personal evolution.

Results You Can Expect: Imagine lifting the weight of financial worry and replacing it with clarity and action. Envision transforming fear into courage and doubt into decision-making power. Through our 1:1 work, these aren't just possibilities—they are outcomes. Outcomes that lead to breakthroughs in your revenue goals, a healthier relationship with money, and a sense of control that empowers every aspect of your life.

Your Next Step: Your path to an empowered, financially abundant future is just a conversation away. If you're ready to explore the landscape of your potential and awaken to the opportunities that await, I invite you to reach out. Together, we will chart a course to your success, where feeling safe and secure with money is your new reality.


Individual Coaching Session

Book a transformative single coaching session  and experience tailored support—whether it's to brainstorm, set a new direction, or heal a block, I'm here to foster your breakthrough in just one session.

Book Now $200

Block of 4 Sessions

Feel fully supported while you navigate and integrate your path of expansion and move toward your souls purpose and benefit from a package discount for your commitment.

This package can be used on any of my 1:1 services. If you need and Ancestral Healing/Family Constellation or if you’d like a Horse Wisdom Psychic Reading it can all be done within the hours of your package.

Book Now $720

Total Transformation Journey

Dive into an exclusive, high-end journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our bespoke 1:1 business coaching program. Tailored to the discerning individual, this package offers personalised, deep healing and transformative growth. Experience the unique blend of accountability, inspiration, and focused guidance in each session, designed to propel you toward your highest potential.

Uncover and heal generational patterns through ancestral healing and family constellations, bringing profound understanding and liberation. Elevate your nightly routine with custom subconscious audios, crafted to align your dreams with your goals.

Embrace the wisdom of Horse Wisdom readings for guidance, offering clarity and direction on your path.  Benefit from the luxury of full messenger support, ensuring real-time help and a constant connection to guidance whenever needed.

Throughout the six-month journey, immerse yourself in energy healing sessions and be open to spontaneous psychic downloads that come through me, for you.

This high-end offering is more than a program—it's a transformative expedition, meticulously crafted for those ready to invest deeply in their business, personal and spiritual growth.

Book Now $10,000