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Heal Your Ancestral Trauma


Do you or your children have a mental or physical condition that you believe to be genetic?

Do you know of trauma in your family generations that was not resolved?

Did you decide when growing up that you would live a different life to your parents but eventually found yourself speaking the words that you swore you’d never say to your children or partner?

Have you tried traditional counselling and talked about your wounds from your parents for years without anything ever changing?

Family Constellations is a beautiful form of therapy that works within your family and ancestors to heal the traumas of the past that are carried by the living members of your system.

Science is now proving that trauma can be passed down through generations in our DNA. You can read more about that here.

However, this is something that we have known in Family Constellations for some time.

It is commonly accepted that we have a conscious and unconscious mind while Family Constellations demonstrates the existence of another level of consciousness that is the generational or ancestral brain. This links generations and provides an avenue for knowledge, patterns and unresolved trauma to be carried or shared from former to present generations. It can be transferred through children and grandchildren.” Yildiz Sethi

In Family Constellations we work to bring healing and resolution to these traumas. And we do this with reverence, love and respect for all involved. We do not judge and we do no harm, we help bring healing, resolution and put everything and everyone back where they belong.

This work goes well beyond talk therapy as it does not require multiple sessions, it is done in one session only. It also brings healing to things that cannot be resolved by talk therapy, because talk therapy cannot heal something you are carrying that is not yours. You can try and send this off with love etc as much as you like but you cannot send it off blindly, it requires the family system to be healed in a way that everyone is given their chance to be seen and heard and to gratefully accept what is theirs to heal.

This is profound and deep work that unfolds before your eyes in the most beautiful way, it is also somatic so works well beyond the mind into your body, soul and also through your entire family system, the work you do here will keep the pattern from being handed to your children and also free others in your family who have never done Family Constellations. The reach in this work is mind blowing, and yet it keeps on working for years after your session.

The thing that people consistently say about this work is that it does more for them in one session than months or years of counselling.

The other word used is life changing.


1 Hour Session

Family Constellation

1 Line of your Family Tree

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2 Hour Session

Deep Ancestral Healing

4 lines of the Family Tree

Be guided by your Ancestors for deep healing on all levels.


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