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Do you really need to Save the World?

Mar 01, 2024

So many people feel like the world needs saving and they are the one who has to do it.

It is a massive weight to carry for a single person of any age, at any time.

Some people may think that this is your ego talking but I’m going to ask you to go deeper.

First let’s take a look at the world, mother earth and see if you believe that she is not in total control? Do you really believe that she doesn’t have the power to get rid of us all like she did to the dinosaurs?

Her wisdom and power goes well beyond anything that our tiny human minds can comprehend.

That doesn’t mean we should abuse her and treat her like anything other than the greatest Mother of all. I believe she deserves more respect than a lot of humans give her. But to feel connected to Mother Earth means we need to be connected to ourself. And so many people have healing and integration work to do. This is a great way you can connect to yourself and as a byproduct of that work, be able to connect with the earth.

Also do you honestly believe that by telling everyone what to do that will save the world? You can teach them and tell them until the cows come home. But as humans we learn by experience and we listen to the authentic voice.

The most beautiful way that you can change the world is to be your authentic self. To show the way by living your life exactly as you wish everyone else would, a life that aligns with your values and is authentic to who you truly are.. And when they see you living authentically they will see the light that shines from within you and they will wonder, “How do I get that for myself?”

And that truly is enough.

If you still believe that you need to change the world, I’d ask you to have a conversation with the part of you that believes that this is what you need to do. What were they told at what age that makes you feel like you have to carry the weight of the worlds problems on your shoulders?

I haven’t met anyone yet, who feels the need to save the world, that doesn’t need to save a part of themselves.

You see I have gone through this phase in my life of needing to save the world and I know many others who have also done so.

And when I was in this place I came to realise and understand that the one needing saving was myself. I had parts of me that were seperate and needed healing and integrating. When I was needing to save the world, the part of me that was driving the bus, or running my psyche, was a wounded part of me that needed saving. Once I did the healing and integration work I no longer felt the need to save the world.

Funny that.

When you heal, you are saving the world in some small way. Because when you heal yourself, the world becomes a better place, and as you heal yourself, you inspire others to do the same.

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