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Tracy Malone

Transformation Coach who Empowers Women Entrepreneurs 

with a Soulful Purpose to Elevate Their Lives, Enrich the Planet, and Claim the Abundance They Truly Deserve

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Discover Your Path To Abundance

Unveil your unique Abundance Archetype with our empowering quiz and embark on a transformative journey towards financial empowerment and healing.

Your Abundance Archetype is the part of you that is currently blocking your next level of income. In this quiz you can learn who that is and what you can do about it.

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Hi, I'm Tracy


I’m a Transformation Coach for Women Entrepreneurs just like you.

Using evidence based practices blended with a spiritual element, you can heal the limitations on your wealth creation once and for all.

Over 6,500 people have done my online courses and over 100 clients have worked with me 1:1 to heal the blocks holding them from their true desires.

I believe that you are here to do something truly amazing. Feel the call from deep in your soul and create your life from there. That's what I can do for you, help you connect, listen, heal and take inspired action.

Transform your relationship with Money in the Elevate & Enrich Academy.

Where healing and empowerment merge to create a life of abundance.

Our comprehensive program, "Elevate & Enrich Academy", is the pinnacle of financial mastery. This all-encompassing course offers extensive tools for a complete financial transformation.

This course will help you

Heal Your Money Blocks

Heal Childhood Trauma: Overcome deep-rooted financial blocks stemming from your past.

Master Money Management: Learn effective strategies for making and managing money effortlessly.

Empower Your Decisions: Gain confidence in your financial choices, fostering a sense of security and freedom.

Community Support: Join a nurturing community that encourages growth and shared success.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from personalised coaching tailored to your unique financial journey.

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“Time and space with Tracy is extraordinary. Incredible shifts following my session - it was genuinely life changing with regards to healing and being able to plough through obstacles and blocks in a way I could never have imagined. Hard, confronting work in a truly safe and beautiful space - highly recommend.”


Tiffany L

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Join our Free Masterclass, 'Understand Your Abundance Alchemist and Heal Your Money Block', and embark on a transformative journey towards abundant living.

In this masterclass you will learn more about your abundance archetype. You'll also learn how your money story was created. Then you will be taken through a process to heal your current money block.

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